Trilogos Poster Exhibition

At the 8th International Conference for Health Psychology, University of Havanna

I presented your posters serie in a poster session. There where mostly cubans presents but there was also representation of other countries mostly Latin-American ones. I started by presenting your institution, who you were and what you do. After that I described each poster, as almost all people present didn´t speak English, I did a summary of what was said in each poster. I said that even though most of your information was in German, you had available a lot of information in English too and I recommended that they visit your website or write you an email to gain more information. People were highly motivated by the presentation, they seemed very interested in the new approach you were offering as something different to what they usually see. As a personal interpretation I think a lot of people were interested but the language barrier has a high cost on that... nevertheless some people seem to understand English and they told me they would chek your website.
I really hope this helps you!

All the best,

Prof. Sandra Soca Lozano
Faculty of Psychology
University of Havanna


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